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Last Chaminuka
Last Chaminuka

8 yrs. experience


I am a honest, knowledgable, expirienced, friendly, professional Tutor who has been inlighting minds of students of all ages and different ethnic backgrounds in a wide range of subjects. I have recieved an overwhelming amount of success teaching online in English, Maths, Business studies, Economics, SAT, IELTS, Cambridge curriculum 'A' level and 'O' level subjects. I also have expirience Teaching not only at high school level but also at university level upto 4 th year. I enjoy enlighting the minds of all my students, I have mastered several techniques which create a learning environment that is engaging, fun, interactive and this has overall created positive results in a short period of time. I have been able to maintain the highest pass rates with my Students for the longest period of time. I have maintained high levels of satisfaction amongst Parents, students and Educational institutions.

Tutoring Sessions Offered

Tutor's Offerings

  • Business Studies
  • Economics
  • A-Levels
  • American
  • British
  • Canadian
  • GCSEs
  • Grade 6
  • Grade 7
  • Grade 8
  • Grade 11
  • Grade 12


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