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We connect subject experts and learners through our user-friendly platform.

The Problem We

Headquartered in Dubai,'s team consists of innovators who understand the importance of education in not just changing lives at an individual level, but also improving the world we live in at a community level. Our team noticed personalised learning is often considered a luxury. The truth is, it is a necessity in today's competitive landscape. We decided to transform education and its accessibility through technology driven tools that make learning affordable and convenient for everyone, while also enabling educators to work on their own terms from the comfort of home.

We're On
The Problem is a revolutionary edtech platform that reduces the concept of “privilege” from bespoke learning services for students, while simultaneously empowering educators to unlock new revenue streams to monetise their knowledge.

The way our platform operates is refreshingly simple - anyone who is a subject expert can list themselves as an online tutor on and also sell learning material; and, anyone who is a learner can find the perfect learning material based on subject interest and price point, as well as online tutors through search filters like learning style, language, time slots and cost per session.

We wholeheartedly believe learning should have no barriers - geographical or financial. We envision a world where people who have knowledge to impart and people who are seeking information can find each other effortlessly, inspire and grow.


The Good Stuff

Whether you're looking for an online tutor or learning material across academic subjects like mathematics, science, Arabic, English, German, Mandarin and test prep, or niche professional skills like writing, music, accounting and coding, helps both students and educators harness their full potential - the potential to excel through fine-tuning skills for students, and the potential to earn through creating true impact for educators.

Our superior integrated Web conferencing tool and centralised dashboard makes communication between online tutors and students hassle-free, while also monitoring key analytics, including -


Student's Core Emotion Tracker


Keyword Recap of Topics Covered


Interactivity Tracker to Gauge Who Spoke How Long

Meet Our Team

Varun Boughram
Varun Boughram Co-Founder
Ashwin Jayram
Ashwin Jayram Co-Founder
Rashid akram
Rashid akram CTO
Dharmik Morodiya
Dharmik Morodiya UI/UX Lead